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Matrimonial Law

Thomas D. Shanahan, P.C., is a litigation firm focusing on matters that affect public policy and clients' civil rights. Based in downtown Manhattan, we serve clients in the Greater New York City area, especially Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. We also represent clients in northern New Jersey and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Representing A Diverse Clientele

New York attorney Thomas Shanahan is known throughout the community for representing a diverse range of clients. Our office provides guidance and advocacy to all clients requiring assistance with divorce and complex child custody litigation.

We offer compassionate services with a progressive and dynamic approach. Many of the family law cases we handle include a civil rights component. We have more than 15 years of experience fighting for our clients' rights in and out of court.

Our firm is not a run-of-the-mill family law firm. We guide our clients through matrimonial cases such as:

  • Divorce — We protect your rights regarding the financial division of property, custody and visitation arrangements, and all other considerations. Our focus on fairness and equality in civil and human rights serves as a strong foundation in divorce cases where these issues come into play.
  • Dissolution of domestic partnerships — We represent clients in same-sex domestic partnerships and walk them through each step of the process to achieving a legal end to the relationship. As with divorce, many of the same legal issues require resolution. The parties' legal rights, however, may differ and we make sure our clients understand what to expect.
  • Complex child custody disputes — Splitting up children is never an easy task. If there are issues involving a violation of civil rights, we provide aggressive litigation or effective settlement techniques to resolve the situation. We have extensive trial experience and are known for our steadfast commitment to protecting our clients' interests.

The following are matrimonial cases we have successfully handled. See our Cases of Interest page to learn more.

  • Marks v. Billick
  • Marks v. Aylsworth - Civil rights for parents in custody case

Dedicated To Achieving Excellent Solutions For All Families

At Thomas D. Shanahan, P.C., we are dedicated to serving as trusted advocates for all clients in pursuit of justice and fairness. To schedule a consultation with lawyer Thomas Shanahan, call our office at 212-867-1100, or contact us online. We are in downtown Manhattan in Foley Square, near all the major courthouses and many subway stops. Credit cards are accepted.

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Cases of Interest

Thomas D. Shanahan

Thomas Shanahan has extensive experience promoting and defending human rights of all types in both the public and private sectors of the law. Among his notable honors is his appointment as Deputy Commissioner at the New York State Division of Human Rights...

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