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Individual rights and freedoms are guaranteed to every U.S. citizen under our federal and state constitutions. When incidents occur that violate those rights, it is important to stand up and assert your claim. In such situations, clients have not only experienced unequal treatment as well as loss and damages, but they may also have felt embarrassment, exclusion or fear.

At the Manhattan firm of Thomas D. Shanahan, P.C., we stand on the side of our clients and fight for the rights to which they are entitled. Our practice covers many broad areas, including employment law, civil rights, corporate law and matrimonial law. We handle specific issues within those areas as well as cases involving any intersecting civil rights, public policy or constitutional law issues.

Since 1997, New York attorney Thomas Shanahan has been fighting for justice, equality and fairness. We fight for what is right.

We have gained a reputation as a firm that represents many individuals and groups that feel disenfranchised by public entities, but we work for all people who have a legal problem we can solve. We treat clients with respect and dignity, ensuring that each client receives the full attention and focus needed. We provide hands-on, personal and individualized representation to each client. Our strong commitment to achieving just and fair results is the reason behind our success.

Working For You — Thomas D. Shanahan, P.C. — In New York, New Jersey And Florida

At Thomas D. Shanahan, P.C., we are dedicated to serving as trusted advocates for all clients in pursuit of justice and fairness. To schedule a consultation with lawyer Thomas Shanahan, call our office at 212-867-1100, or contact us online. We are in downtown Manhattan in Foley Square, near all the major courthouses and many subway stops. Credit cards are accepted.

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Thomas D. Shanahan

Thomas Shanahan has extensive experience promoting and defending human rights of all types in both the public and private sectors of the law. Among his notable honors is his appointment as Deputy Commissioner at the New York State Division of Human Rights...

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