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Employment Law

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At a time when jobs are a commodity and so many are unemployed, it can be daunting to face a situation at work that threatens your financial stability. Many people tolerate unfair or illegal conditions because they need to maintain their employment. At Thomas D. Shanahan, P.C., we believe employees should have an experienced and qualified lawyer on their side when dealing with an employment law situation.

We believe in helping individual employees fight back against unfair treatment to obtain the justice they deserve. For more than 15 years, attorney Thomas Shanahan has handled cases involving all types of discrimination and harassment. We also address employment contract issues prior to, during or after an employment relationship.

  • Discrimination — If you are experiencing discrimination at your job, it is important to seek a qualified lawyer. Our firm represents clients who have been subject to discrimination under city, state or federal law based on race, gender, religion, age and other characteristics.
  • Sexual harassment — Sexual harassment, in whatever form, is never to be tolerated. We help our clients resolve harassment matters at work regardless who is involved. Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable at work and we are dedicated to preserving and protecting that right for you.
  • Employment contracts — We can help you negotiate an employment contract, enforce an existing one or advise you of your rights as they relate to your employment situation. We use litigation and negotiation as a means to resolve your situation, whether it is pre- or post-employment.

To read about employment law cases we have handled, visit our Cases of Interest page.

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At Thomas D. Shanahan, P.C., we are dedicated to serving as trusted advocates for all clients in pursuit of justice and fairness. To schedule a consultation with lawyer Thomas Shanahan, call our office at 212-867-1100, or contact us online. We are in downtown Manhattan in Foley Square, near all the major courthouses and many subway stops. Credit cards are accepted.

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Thomas D. Shanahan

Thomas Shanahan has extensive experience promoting and defending human rights of all types in both the public and private sectors of the law. Among his notable honors is his appointment as Deputy Commissioner at the New York State Division of Human Rights...

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